Monday, December 21, 2009

What I'm Wearing- Monday

Happy Monday! My commute was joyous today (no traffic on 87, what!). I'm assuming it's because lots of lucky peeps took off the days leading up to Christmas. Whatever the reason, I'll take it.

Today is the first day of winter, aka the shortest day of the year and my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday dad :) From here on out the days get longer, which to me is fantastic. It is depressing to leave work at 5 pm to pitch blackness. More importantly, it means I can resume running outside during the week again! I applaud those of you that can wake up before work to run outside during the daylight hours. I wish I could be that hardcore! Alas, I'm not, so until the daylight extends its hours to 6:30 pm, it's the YMCA track for me. Which gets pretty boring but it gets the job done.

Anyway, what I'm wearing today... my office is business professional, which I've interpreted to mean that cardigans can count as jackets. I have a LOT of suits (at least 15 I think) but wearing them day in day out gets super boring. Today's 'fit:

Pinkish cardigan: J Crew Factory Store

Black tulip skirt (with pockets!): Banana

Black tights: Apt. 9 (Kohl's)

Berry colored patent leather Mary Jane heels: Aldo

I usually hate wearing skirts. Hate. I think it stems from the fact that I have fairly large birthmark on my leg that caused a lot of teasing when I was little. However, I love the birthmark now- I'm definitely unique! Anyway, this season I have discovered tights... I love them! They pull the outfit together and provide much needed warmth during the winters in upstate NY.

Do you wear skirts in the winter months? Or do you put it off until the weather is more forgiving?


  1. Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog! Whereabouts in upstate NY do you live? I'm originally from Latham, N.Y. and I've run the Crossings Challenge before.

    Thanks for posting that info about the cold weather head-gear. I usually just wear a headband, but last time my face was freezing. I'm going to look into buying something like yours. Thanks!

    Lindsey at:

  2. You are too funny! I usually put off skirts until its at least 40 out. I tried tights for the first time this year and i like them too. It takes a little while to get used to them. Love the shoes!!