Saturday, June 27, 2009

Save the Dates!

Well I took the plunge (ha) and ordered the Save the Dates today. They were fairly reasonable cost-wise and are super cute! I ordered them from after reading about the site on the knot. The site is very user friendly and allows you to customize any design. Ours are navy blue with white and dark pink writing. I always wanted a magnet style and am so happy that we went with that. Now I just need to corral addresses from everyone in the family. That part is going to be a nightmare. Having a wedding with 200+ people inevitably leads to daydreams of just taking off and eloping on a tropical island. How sweet would that be?!

I wonder if the magnet color scheme locks me into using those colors for the wedding? I was 100% set on using dark navy and white with dark fuschia accents... but then I saw this beautiful inspiration board on the knot that has me rethinking everything. The palette that I saw was champagne, gold and rose pink. I don't want a pink frou frou wedding, so if we went this route the bridesmaid dresses would be champagne, the chivari chairs would be gold, with rose pink flowers, etc. Now I am super torn.

OH and today marks exactly 9 months 'til the big day! I am so excited! The fact that after today I can say 8 months and x days to the wedding makes it seem like it is coming up super quickly. yay!

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