Saturday, June 27, 2009

Running in the Rain

So I finished up week two of the Couch25k today. Of course, it started raining as soon as I was DONE. The entire time I was running, I was wishing for rain. It seems counterintuitive but after doing it last week I decided I am in love with it. Maybe because it has been so hot and humid and the rain is a welcome relief while gasping for air... I mean running, ha. In the past, any sort of inclement weather would have been an absolute deterrent to me going outside and exercising. Maybe this means I am hardcore! Okay maybe not, but it's a nice thought. The 100 pushups workout is getting harder so I have been putting off doing it today. I should probably go do that now, because there is no way that Sadie is going to "let" me attempt any sort of pushup while I am watching her later.

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