Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to normalcy... for a few days!

Whew... this past week and a half has been a whirlwind! The conference went so well- I love my job and all of our members! The last night culminated in our big centennial gala, which was amazing. We hired a live 10 piece band that is well known throughout the capital district- let me just say that I am severely regretting not looking into hiring them! I originally wanted a DJ because I like Top40 and modern music... but these guys were playing all of that, live! Ah well, my DJ is awesome and we are saving a lot of money going that route.

I was out with my co-workers until 3 in the morning that night. Let's just say those are not my normal hours. I got to work at 10 on Wednesday and my plan to drive to VB from work at 1 straight on quickly morphed into work until 1, come home and nap and then stop at FMIL's (halfway point) and continue the drive to visit Bri on Thursday. The nap was essential! The bonus was that I got to see FMIL's new shih tzu, Josie. She is an adorable furball of love!

The weekend was great. Saturday was the perfect beach day. I usually like to sleep until around 9 on the weekends so on Saturday when Brian told me it was 940, I hightailed it out of bed. My phone revealed that it was 730 am (I don't even get up that early for work lol) so I pouted for a minute and then was stoked to realize I could get to the beach super early!

I'm happy to report that I kept up with the C25k while in VB. I was going to do it today, but after waking up at 440 to finish the drive I am going to hold off 'til tomorrow. This week will bring lots of packing and working out (hopefully). And I get to see Bri on Friday, yay!

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