Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh the hijinks...

So I am midway through my month long season of extreme busy-ness. On Friday my apartment was all packed up and ready to go. Bri flew in Friday night (yay) and he drove the truck down while I picked up his mom, who was helping us finish the move. She brought her new pup, Josie, who loved the new bag that I brought her- she was so adorable in it!

While I was packing, I thought I set aside my cell phone charger separately to go with the suitcase I was taking to VB for the weekend. Alas, such was not the case. The 'rents had my car (with my car charger in it) for the weekend so basically I was SOL phone-wise. Before Bri and I began the trek south, I told him I was going to turn off my phone to save the juice and turn it back on when I was a half hour from his mom's to let her know I would be arriving shortly. Well, I did do just that, and was surprised to have 4 voicemails waiting for me- and even more surprised when I heard Bri's voice- he NEVER leaves voicemails. Long story short he never saw my car pass him when we were going through the toll booths so he thought I was dead in a ditch somewhere. His phone died and the charger in the moving truck wasn't working, so he was stopping at every rest stop along the way and calling his mother from a pay phone to see if I had checked in yet. I felt so guilty that I was driving along happily, oblivious to his stress.

Anyway, the move went well and all of my stuff is down there... my apartment is officially no more, and bri actually has a couch to sit on! We didn't have time to show Josie the beach, but she is so low to the ground and furry that it is probably for the best.

Fast forward to this morning. I had another early drive from PA into work (4 hours), so with summer hours now in effect at work I had to leave at 430 to get in on time. Last night I thought it was a good idea to stay up until 11 looking at baby pictures of bri (omg he was seriously the cutest child EVER), but this morning, not so much. I again had to stop at a rest stop to "rest" for 20 minutes. At the end of the "rest" I noticed that two security cameras were trained on my car- sweet. I then proceeded to attempt to get gas, failing the first few times as I input the wrong zip code for the CC reader (guess the bank hasn't changed my address over yet) and again when I tried to use to diesel pump for oh yeah, regular gas. BRILLIANT I tell ya.

By that point in the drive I was feeling pretty moronic. However, the cherry on top was the last stop of the trip. I had to go to the BR so I pulled off, noticing there was a tour bus. Trying to hurry to beat the crowd, I automatically veered off into the bathroom on the right. Which, by the way, was full of urinals that were occupied by males. I hightailed it out of there so fast that women going into the proper restroom started laughing at me. At that point I was ready to raise the white flag and surrender to my bed. Seriously, I have never pulled such dumb moves!

Moral of the story- Katie cannot function on less than 6 hours of sleep. bummer.

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  1. HAHA, wow! You are such a space cadet! And you never told me this story about your phone charger!! I cant believe he stopped at everyone. Wouldnt he just assumed you beat him through the tolls?