Friday, July 10, 2009

Color Scheme Blues

After we got engaged and I began envisioning our wedding, I immediately settled on midnight navy with white and an accent color that would "pop" (dark pink). I've always been very decisive, so really I just had to confirm it with Bri and that was that.

Until I saw this beautiful inspiration board on the knot. Champagne, gold and light rose pink. Stunning! Not too girly pink, just elegant. The board, coupled with the fact that Bri will be wearing his dress blues, led me to change my mind as to the whole color scheme. Our venue is very classic and warm so the new scheme would suit it perfectly. I am still kind of iffy about it though... the end of March (especially in Upstate NY) is hard... it's "officially" spring but, let's face it, it's going to be freezing out and snow will likely still be on the ground- no pretty pictures in the park for us! The new palette seems more spring-like and fresh.

Then I got to thinking about champagne dresses. What if it washes the some of the girls out? My stepmom immediately voiced her concerns that the BM dresses would take away from my white dress (which I disagree with, but whatevs). So now I am flip flopping between the champagne and the unknown. I'm going with my MOH to look at dresses soon and hopefully I will just fall in love with something! One of my BMs forwarded me some dresses in brushed gold, which were really beautiful. Maybe that could work?

Who would of thought that all of this drama could arise over something as simple as the color scheme? I'm out of my element!

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  1. Oh if you only knew what is in store as it gets closer! ;-)