Thursday, July 9, 2009

Save the Dates are in!

Our Save the Dates came in the mail yesterday! They came out really nice- I highly recommend for anyone that is looking for a user friendly, affordable save the date website! They are a little smaller than I anticipated, but I think that it works out well since any bigger would amount to our faces being in everyones' grill whenever they passed their refrigerator. I brought one in to work to give to my co-worker and she thinks it is the perfect size- any bigger and people wouldn't put them on the fridge, apparently.

Now I just have to harass the members of my family into giving me their addresses, or even a working guest list. I know who I want to invite, but everyone else (parents, bri, in-laws) are taking their sweet time. I am aiming to send them out by September, so there is still some time left.

It seems to me that the guest list/address gathering will be the most stressful part of wedding planning, aside from the seating chart, which will be a blast I'm sure. I can't believe there is only eight months and some change to go!

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