Saturday, June 27, 2009

Running in the Rain

So I finished up week two of the Couch25k today. Of course, it started raining as soon as I was DONE. The entire time I was running, I was wishing for rain. It seems counterintuitive but after doing it last week I decided I am in love with it. Maybe because it has been so hot and humid and the rain is a welcome relief while gasping for air... I mean running, ha. In the past, any sort of inclement weather would have been an absolute deterrent to me going outside and exercising. Maybe this means I am hardcore! Okay maybe not, but it's a nice thought. The 100 pushups workout is getting harder so I have been putting off doing it today. I should probably go do that now, because there is no way that Sadie is going to "let" me attempt any sort of pushup while I am watching her later.

Save the Dates!

Well I took the plunge (ha) and ordered the Save the Dates today. They were fairly reasonable cost-wise and are super cute! I ordered them from after reading about the site on the knot. The site is very user friendly and allows you to customize any design. Ours are navy blue with white and dark pink writing. I always wanted a magnet style and am so happy that we went with that. Now I just need to corral addresses from everyone in the family. That part is going to be a nightmare. Having a wedding with 200+ people inevitably leads to daydreams of just taking off and eloping on a tropical island. How sweet would that be?!

I wonder if the magnet color scheme locks me into using those colors for the wedding? I was 100% set on using dark navy and white with dark fuschia accents... but then I saw this beautiful inspiration board on the knot that has me rethinking everything. The palette that I saw was champagne, gold and rose pink. I don't want a pink frou frou wedding, so if we went this route the bridesmaid dresses would be champagne, the chivari chairs would be gold, with rose pink flowers, etc. Now I am super torn.

OH and today marks exactly 9 months 'til the big day! I am so excited! The fact that after today I can say 8 months and x days to the wedding makes it seem like it is coming up super quickly. yay!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

So it's Friday evening and I'm relaxing before the craziness that is coming on Sunday. We have a super important conference and I'm giving two presentations- one on Monday and one on Tuesday. I have to be up in Saratoga on Sunday and will be staying there until Wednesday. Tuesday night is the gala- I'm really excited for it! Hopefully I won't be too tired on Wednesday since I am booking home after lunch, packing up quickly and then driving the 8-9 hours to visit Bri over the holiday weekend. THEN I get back from that on Sunday and have to be all packed for the moving truck the following Friday. Did I mention that I haven't started packing yet? Sweet! Meanwhile the only thing I'm thinking is that the upcoming events are going to hinder the workout flow that I'm getting into. Tomorrow I will finish week 2 of the couch to 5k and week 3 of the 100 pushups challenge. I can do 50 (real!) pushups. Hard to believe as I couldn't even do one a year ago! I'm going to make an effort the keep the workout schedule going though. The Hilton has to have a treadmill, and when I visit Bri we can run on the beach together.

On another (fitness-related) note, I officially signed up for my first 5k! People's reactions have been hilarious. I asked Christina if she wanted to do it with me. Her response was a resounding "Hell NO!". I brought it up to my brother, who told me he would rather eat garbage than run a 5k. Okaaay then. THEN, I asked my co-worker this morning if she wanted to take a morning fitness bootcamp with me. She asked me if I was on drugs. So maybe I really am the crazy one?

I wish that I was enough of a runner to do the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in VB in early September. I read about the one in San Diego and it seemed like it was tons of fun (well, as fun as running 13 miles can be). I saw yesterday in a magazine that there is another one right near our place! I told Bri he should do it and I would cheer him along. I just don't foresee myself being ready for 13 miles in oh, two months. I haven't even run a 5k yet! So I'll conquer that first (September 27!) and go from there. Maybe the Rock 'n Roll half in San Diego next year? I could visit Jenn and Kelle at the same time and kill two birds with one stone! Annnd I just noticed that I ended three of the last four sentences with exclamation points. Moving on.

After my workout tomorrow I'm heading over to watch Sadie for C & R. She has probably gained even more weight and will be even harder to control on the leash! A 40-pound plus lab is a lot harder to walk than a 4 pound yorkie! Kristin is coming by to help entertain so it should be fun. Which means I'm off to get all of my suits ready for next week. Oh yeah fun Friday night what!