Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exciting Stuff!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I purchased a new smartphone yesterday- the motorola droid! I love it. I went with verizon for the free skype aspect- skype will be my main source of communication with Bri when he is overseas. Speaking of Bri, I get to see him tonight!! Yay! I miss him so much.

The new blog transition is going well. My next post will be the one announcing the new site! And thanks for your comments on my last post- switching to wordpress simply requires the push of a button! Wow :) I am in the process of transitioning my reader over from my old google account to my new google account but I'm almost there!

I saw SATC 2 on Memorial Day and I was NOT a fan. Samantha really bothered me. It also irritated me that they were essentially promoting Suz*anne So*mmers and all of her hormone added craziness. Miranda was amazing though. One good thing that came out of the movie is that they showed the preview for Eat, Pray, Love, which inspired me to go purchase the book. Wow. I am a third of the way through it and I love it. So far I highly highly recommend!

Have a great weekend lovelies! I'm excited to see Bri but at the same time very sad... he is headed to war! Hopefully this year will fly by quickly...


  1. Happy to hear the transition is going well to your new blog. Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite books! I hope you like the rest of it. Will keep you and Bri in my thoughts and prayers over the next year. I hope it goes quickly for you both.

  2. I hope you have a great visit with Brid. I've read Eat, Pray, Love and I really enjoyed it. Makes me want to go to Italy and eat a lot! :-)

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you're interested in checking it out!

  3. YAY for you seeing your hubs!! So exciting! I have to say that the first third of Eat Pray Love is by far my favorite. I struggled to read the middle part and have never made it to the last part. I wanted her to stay in Italy the whole time eating pasta and drinking wine. What can I say, a true Italian girl at heart! But I am really excited to see the movie. I should probably finish the book so I know what happens.

    Oh and I am SUPER excited to see the new bloggo!! :)

  4. I'm glad the blog move is going well!

    And I just got your package in the mail (woo) thanks! :)

  5. Hi Katie,
    Your new web page looks fantastic! You have done a nice job with it...I love the new pictures of you and hubby:) I am glad that you like your new phone. I have had the same cell phone for almost 5 years:( It is time for me to upgrade.
    I hope that you had a wonderful time with Bri! May he stay safe and come home soon:)

    Take care Katie!

  6. Enjoy every moment with Bri! Big deep hugs, write it down after so you can remember it while he is away!

  7. I hope you enjoy your time with the hubby. I hope it's a safe and quick time and he comes back for honeymoon part 2!
    I'm excited for the new blog- my goal is also to switch over before the end of the year.

    Take care, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  8. I'll be going through a blog transition soon, too, but it requires a money investment I can't make just yet. Blah! But I'm looking forward to more posts from you!!

  9. Hope you had a great weekend with your husband, somehow I got onto your new blog, but not sure how I did it, but it looks great!

  10. Hurry up and switch to wordpress - I keep trying post comments on your wall and it won't work!

    Glad you got to see Bri, but sorry you won't see him again for so long!

    I agree - did not like SATC2!

    Lindsey @