Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cupcakes... and a Co-Op Find!

Good evening bloggies! I've been super busy with wedding things this week (and I haven't even started tying the bows on the invites, sweet!) I had to miss my weekly yoga class yesterday (tear) in order to meet with the organist for our wedding. She is soo adorable. She played all of the choices available and I am super excited with my selections! I have to say, I teared up a bit listening to the recessional song- it's the first song bri and I will hear as husband and wife! Okay enough cheesiness ;)

Since I missed my yoga class, I completed yogadownload's Yoga for Runners. It is a great workout that seems like the perfect complement to my running! Today called for two miles on the dreaded track and my body sculpt class. I never thought these words would leave my mouth (er, keyboard) but I think I am starting to prefer the treadmill to the track. I can watch television and it seems to go by more quickly. With that being said, today's run and class were great. My instructor is really starting to show in her pregnancy; she is so cute!

Today on my lunch break I ventured over to a local food co-op to pick up some items to make for dinner tonight (I made a rocking shrimp pasta dish that I didn't photograph but trust... it was awesome) and looked around in awe. This place is a gold mine! I easily could have dropped tons of dinero in there. There was grass fed beef, organic EVERYTHING, hard to find teas... I could go on and on. I have to share a picture of my favorite find: Hazelnut agave nectar!!! I am SO excited to put this into my coffee tomorrow. :D Are you a fan of agave nectar? If not, what kind of sweetener do you use?

Speaking of sweets, I went to the bakery yesterday to order our groom's cake. It's going to be a kettlebell. Bri will love it! This bakery is seriously amazing; whenever I go I always purchase cupcakes because they look so amazing, and I'm not even a sweets person!

Hello, lovah:

Red Velvet awesomeness.

Oreo cupcake. Holy yumtastic. Surprisingly, I haven't busted into these yet. I will though!
This post is so disjointed... I'll be back soon with thoughts on conquering my 8 miler and other adventures (chowderfest this Saturday, yippee!) . I'm waking up early again to get my four miles in. Pushup challengers, let me know how you are progressing! I'm going to do day two of week one tomorrow.

This is Baya looking mighty satisfied with herself, as she had just licked my entire face right before the pic was taken. I'm mid-laugh and my eyes are practically shut, but I think it's a funny pic! Do you have any fun pics with pets? If so, post them! I love looking at them :)
Good night!


  1. That oreo cupcake looks delicious and I don't even like oreos all that much!

    As for sweeteners, I kind of go back in forth with agave nectar, stevia and regular sugar.

  2. that picture is so cute! Love it! Those cupcakes look awesome, and it is so sweet hearing about your experience with the organist. Really excited for you!

  3. Oh my GOSH-- that cupcake looks amazing! THey both do, actually. And cute dog pic!

  4. Those cupcakes look soooo good :) I love agave nectar- especially in baked goods. I've never seen the hazelnut though, I'm sure it's tasty

    Looking forward to hearing about your run!

  5. Such a cute doggie picture and you look so happy in the picture too!

    I love cupcakes- they are the prettiest treat and taste so awesome. The cake part of the wedding makes me want to plan it all over again!

  6. Those cupcakes look AMAZING - what bakery? I'll try to contain myself on our next trip up and not visit and buy 10! I seriously need to add some yoga to my life I think - everyone loves it. That puppers is adorable!

    Wow 8 miles - you are definitely getting up there! Awesome. And I do love agave - I've never seen the hazelnut kind before. And where is this amazing Co-op?!

  7. Whoa-that oreo cupcake! I'd have eaten that as soon as I left the shop!

    I have a confession...I haven't started my pushups yet. I will this week though, I promise! I'm very motivated for this.

  8. Hi Katie,
    Those cupcakes look so fantastic and yummy!! Way to keep so organized and focused...girl you have a wedding coming up and you are keeping it together!! Your dog is absolutely beautiful:) Sometime I will post pictures of Lilly our cat! Have a great day Katie:)

  9. Those cupcakes make me want to eat some! Fortunately for my waistline, we don't have any bakeries around here that sell anything that looks like that.

  10. Ok, I must know what bakery those cupcakes came from!!!

  11. Hey Sis, Mom's will be starting her pushup challenge tomorrow or Monday since I haven't been feeling well. As for those cupcakes, YUM. I bet you will only have 1 bite of each :). Nice pics. I cannot wait to hear about your 8 mile run!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Love ya :)

  12. love the ketel ball idea for the grooms cake! Every time I go to the health food store, I spend so much time in there I feel like the clerks think I'm a shoplifter. : )