Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Days and a Swollen Arch

Happy Thursday friends! I am happy to say that the wedding invitations are in the mail... finally! Not without a hitch though. I get to the post office yesterday to mail out the 130 invites. The post office worker takes one look at them and says "you don't have enough postage on these." Ummmm, wtf, I had them weighed on Monday! He asked me which post office I went to to weigh them and when I told him he called them a bunch of idiots and said that they didn't check to see if the invites would fit through this thin slot thingy (technical term). Apparently, the bow on the invitations made them just thick enough to require an extra twenty cents worth of postage. So there I sat at the post office, placing two ugly ten cent stamps on 130 invites. I was so annoyed with the dang things that I was just throwing them in the box to be mailed. It probably didn't help that I hadn't eaten lunch yet and my blood sugar was getting low. But yay, they are done! Now the RSVPs can start flowing in and the real fun can begin (seating charts... shudder).

Thanks for all of the well wishes about the kidney issue. My doc said that the ultrasound revealed healthy kidneys so he is befuddles as to why red/white blood cells were showing up. I have to go back next week to get retested and if there is still no answer, I may have to go to a urologist. Weird. My back pain is no longer so I'm thinking it was just a fluke. My cholesterol is super low! I'm so excited- diet and exercise really does work, y'all (I have to practice my southern-ness, I'm crossing the Mason-Dixon line tomorrow). Three years ago my cholesterol was 210, with my bad cholesterol at 140 (bad bad bad). Now, I am within the healthy ranges- total cholesterol of 171, with my bad cholesterol at 99- yippee!!

It's finally here:
The big race is on Saturday at 8 am! Bri is picking up our race packets tonight. I am so excited! The race is sold out, with 3000 runners running. Hopefully my foot will hold up. I wrote earlier this week about foot pain I've been having. I ran two miles on Tuesday to test out the foot. The run was great, but after I stopped running it really hurt. I'm glad I ran though because I was able to pinpoint the pain- my left arch was swollen! I'm glad it isn't a bone or anything but still, it was pretty painful! I have very high arches so that probably has something to do with it. After the race I am going to go buy inserts and new shoes (I'm due for new ones, I think) and hopefully that will remedy the issue. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

My mileage has definitely tapered down this week, as I want to have fresh legs for the race and don't want to irritate my arch. It is driving me nutso! I feel like I'm being lazy because I've only run two miles thus far this week. I was tempted to wake up early this morning to jump on the elliptical to get some cardio in but I told myself to stop being a crazy person. My foot needs rest! Do you find it mentally hard to ease up on the cardio when your body needs the rest?

I completed a quickie strength workout last night. I first put myself through a self-guided yoga workout for about 15 minutes- lots of downward dogs, high pushups, warriors and half moons. I then did the following:

-3 sets of 20 bridge ups
-3 sets of 20 donkey kicks (per leg)
-25 stability ball jacknifes
-20 stability ball hand to foot ball pass
-10 pushups

I was going to do day 3, week 1 of the 100 pushups workout but my chest was still screaming from my strength workout the other day. I'll get to that tonight. How are my pushuppers doing? :)

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. I'll be back soon with a recap of the race and a guest post from Bri!


  1. Awww...don't stress!!! The invites are out, and that's all that matters!

    Good luck on the race!!

  2. good luck with your race! It is great you are letting yourself rest up for it :-), and yay invites being done. Good work!

  3. I'm sorry about the swollen foot- Be sure to rest it before the race!

    I love hearing success stories :D It's so admirable that you were able to adapt a healthy lifestyle and bring your cholesterol down

  4. Good luck with your race! You're gonna kick booty!

    My pushups have been put on hold today as I am sick, once again. But yesterday, I managed to do 3 in a row. (not with the best form though).

  5. I hope your foot is a-okay for the race. Resting up this week is probably a good plan, especially if you're feeling any pain. And wow - great job on lowering you cholesterol. I'm so surprised it was high at your age and with your eating. Glad it has come down. Very strange about the white blood cells - I hope the restesting shows everything is clear.

    Goodluck with your race this weekend!! I absolutely love the name of that race and want to run it just for the name. :-)

    And you can relax a bit now that those darn invites are out...but the seating chart is no ball of fun either. But once that is done, you are pretty much all set!! YAY!!

    Lindsey @

  6. Hi Katie,
    Oh boy, do I remember those darn invitations!!
    Everything is going to be wonderful and all of your planning and time spent preparing will totally be worth it!!

    Wow, your run is on Saturday already!! Oh Katie, I am so excited for you and can't wait for the race report!! You are going to be great!!

  7. Oh man, I am not looking forward to the invitation and seating chart part.

    I'm glad that your kidneys are healthy. Hope your foot feels better.

  8. Good luck in your race this weekend!! Looking forward to the recap!

  9. I've heard that same horror story about the postage on wedding invites several times. Sucks! But, I won't matter so long as they get to where they need to be!

    Good luck in the race! Woo!

  10. A million congrats that your invites are in the mail. I would've been so pissed about that postage thing- though I am totally the type that if I am hungry things are about 100 times more annoying than they would be otherwise haha