Friday, April 16, 2010

Working Out on Vacay

**ETA- Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on our wedding pictures! You guys are the best! :)**

Hi friends! Happy Friday! The week seemed to go by so slowly but now that it's Friday, it went so quickly! Gotta love that :) I am starting to feel back into the swing of things. My workout schedule has been kind of off the past month or so, first with the mandatory week off before the wedding the get rid of the upper respiratory infection and then all of the wedding shenanigans. I still worked out and ran a bit but not nearly like I had been while I was on a training schedule. Which is kind of frightening, since the Ragnar Relay is only a month away! Eep!

This week I got back into it with a three mile run on Sunday, which was painful (breathing wise) for whatever reason, yoga on Tuesday, one mile run (all I had time for) and body sculpt on Wednesday and a glorious, glorious four mile run yesterday. Originally I intended on taking a rest day yesterday but it was BEAUTIFUL outside and the weather for today/this weekend called for cold and rain. My last few runs have been tricky (it was HOT and hilly in Hawaii) and my confidence was low. Yesterday's run was just what I needed to build my confidence! I have been running lately sans iPod and I'm really getting into it, especially after starting to read "Zen and the Art of Running". My mom purchased this for me (I think she saw it on Linz's blog) and it is really interesting. Yesterday's run was especially cool because I saw the most interesting bird ever (at least for upstate NY). I was running next to a pond and saw what looked like a very large crane, aside from the fact that it was grey. A neighbor later commented that he thought it was a heron. How cool! I definitely have an abnormal interest in birds, which Brian can attest to after witnessing how fascinated I was with all of the wild roosters in Hawaii (they are EVERYWHERE!)

This weekend I'm going to try Hot Yoga (yesss!!!) and get in a hill training run in preparation for Ragnar. For those of you that do hill training, what exactly do you do? Should I do hill repeats or just find a hilly course? I'm out of my element!!

I'm going to do a honeymoon recap this weekend (it was sooooo fantastic, and it's easier than the wedding recap at the moment because all of the photos are in once place!) but first I wanted to hear what your thoughts are about working out while on vacation. While in Hawaii, Bri and I attended a yoga class, went on an arduous hike, went scuba diving (burns like 1200 calories or something ridiculous!) and ran two times. Another hike would have been great but other than that, it seemed like the perfect balance of relaxation and activity for me.
Enjoying a lava flow poolside after our yoga class, which we went to our first morning there.

What are your thoughts regarding working out while on vacation? Do you prefer a balance of activity/rest, to be constantly on the go or are you more "hey, I'm on vacation, I'm not moving a muscle"! For my married ladies, did you stick to a workout schedule on your honeymoon?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. I love hot yoga!! Have fun!

  2. Sounds like such a fun trip! My hubby and I also had an active honeymoon- hiking, swimming, climbing hanging bridges, etc. We didn't set foot into a gym, but we definitely like to stay active while on vacation because it's more fun!

  3. Oh I am excited to hear about Hawaii! :) My thoughts on working out while on vacation is to try to get some in ( your balance sounded perfect) but don't sweat it if you don't. Bf & I went on our spring break trip and the weather was horrible - and our motel rooms didn't leave us with a lot of room to do indoor workouts. So besides window shopping we didn't get any runs or anything else in. But I let it go, called it a good 5 day rest, and jumped right back into when I got home.

    Sounds like you are doing just that. Hope you have fun at hot yoga, I have never tried it.

    Also I hope you like the Zen book - I am only on chapter 2. Let me know when you finish and we can do a joint book review! :) Your mom is too cute for buying you that book. Hi Fit2WedMom! :)

  4. Working out on vaca can be great because then you don't feel as bad about all the vaca food and drinks! Plus you usually feel better, and that is a good thing :)

  5. I always try to work out on vacation. Unless I'm feeling really run down or something. Usually I WANT to exercise, so a week without it would drive me insane!