Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Friday- College Edition

Hi bloggies! Happy almost weekend! This weekend happens to be my alma mater's alumni weekend which, sadly, I'm not going to be attending. I could really go for a slice of Mia's pizza right now. Yum. Anyway, it's also my sorority's 25th anniversary weekend- yay AOPi! Naturally I'm feeling a little nostalgic, so here's a photo from the good ol' days: College graduation, circa 2004. My friends Nicole (best friend growing up for years- we went to high school, college AND graduate school together, although for different professions), Kristin (one of my bridesmaids) and me. I can't believe it's been six years since we graduated. My high school ten year is this November! Crazy how time flies. I also can't believe how blonde my hair was. Yikes! Granted I had just gotten back from Cancun but still. When did you graduate from college?

Yesterday was another 3 mile run, although it wasn't as glorious as the last one. It was really hilly, which is good for the relay, but my shins were screaming during the last half mile. Wtf! I've never had shin issues and hopefully am not going to start having them.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I am going to hot yoga tomorrow and I can't wait! Other than that I'll be dogsitting, thank you note writing and running. I've also been drafting a blog post in my head regarding the reasons why I blog/what I hope to get out of it that I would like to hopefully write this weekend. What are your reasons for blogging? Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Scary to say I graduated from college 16 years ago!!!! I just got info about my high school reunion this fall, 20 years (gulp).

    Enjoy the hot yoga, I'm curious to see how you like it. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the picture! In my old pictures my hair is VERY blonde as well..hehe I graduated in 2002. Have a wonderful weekend!
    p.s. thanks for the comment Katie, I'm sure my MIL will really appreciate it :)

  3. You have not changed a bit!! You ageless wonder you:) Have a fabulous weekend Katie!

  4. I graduated from undergrad almost 4 years ago! Now that I'm in grad school, I can graduate again in 5 months!

    You were so beautiful then and look the same! Hope you are well!

    I blog because it's my only writing forum- work doesn't count!

  5. I graduated in 2000. I miss my college. I haven't been back soon. My 10 year reunion is this summer, but I can't go. Boo.

    For as long as I can remember, I've kept some sort of journal/diary. I feel like blogging is just an extension of that.

  6. That's a cute picture! I'm trying to relish the time I have in college but at the same time...I really want to graduate. I agree with the others- you haven't changed a bit (that's a good thing) :)

    Rest those shins!!

  7. I graduated in 2006. I thought I would really miss college. My senior year I was devasted to be graduating. But I really don't miss it at all now!

  8. Yep, my ten year high school reunion is coming up this year too!! Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

    Isn't thank-you note writing fun? ;-)

  9. I graduated in 2006. I'm sure thank you notes aren't the greatest, but they do mean a lot to people. One of my friends (who is in the line-up on Friday) only had two bridesmaids, her sister and the groom's (much younger) niece, so she asked me to help out a few days before the wedding. I took two vacay days from work and helped out and spent a lot of money on gas and meals and then never got a thank you. The wedding was in September, I called her around Christmas to say "um, hey, Merry Christmas, and did you get my gift?" Because I'd also gotten her a gift and left in the backseat of her car, which she'd made me drive her to the church in. No phone call but a thank you card arrived in the mail.

    Fast forward a year and a half and her sister sends me a Facebook message. It's this girl's baby shower (I only saw she was preg THROUGH FB) and needs my address to invite me. I decide to be nice and send a gift (it was four hours away!) and I still haven't received a thank you (shower was in February).

    /rant on thank you cards

  10. I graduated the same year as you! And I have my high school 10 year reunion this year as well - eeks! I have no clue where the time went seriously. That's so cute that you and your best friend stuck together for all those years.