Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo Friday- For My Pup

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. First and foremost, thank you to everyone for all of your comments regarding the relay. It worked out for the best for the team, so I am very happy about it. Team BAD is currently out running their hearts out; wish them luck!

I've had a quiet couple of days, which I wasn't anticipating as I thought I'd be getting ready for Ragnar. Given the huge conference I have from Sunday to Tuesday, it's likely a good thing. On the exercise front, I completed a hill workout on Monday (on a college campus, where it was finals time. Oh the good ol' days), hot yoga on Tuesday and a 3.5 mile run/pushups yesterday. Yoga on Tuesday was interesting. It is Bikram style but not exactly since I think we only do the positions once and incorporate some other moves. Man, it was effing HOT. It was my fifth class and by far the hottest. During the last 10-15 minutes I kind of laid there in child's pose because I couldn't move- my limbs were literally numb, particularly my hands. I think it's because I ate too close to class; the blood was going to my digestive system as opposed to where it should have been.

I intended on completing four miles yesterday but I started experiencing the familiar IT band twinge around 3 miles (wtf!). So I stopped to stretch and continued on for a half mile, then came home and foam rolled the bejesus out of my legs.

This weekend should be great. I'll be running through my presentations (eh), meeting up with a bestie that's in town tonight for drinks and discussion (yay!) and hot yoga and a run tomorrow. I have to work on Sunday but it's all good :)

So today's photo Friday is dedicated to my pup, Bailey. Bailey is a 4 pound yorkshire terrier and the sweetest boy ever. He turned four this past Christmas and we celebrated our four year "anniversary" on May 1 (I got him on May 1, 2006). At certain times in my life I can be quite spontaneous and getting Bailey was one of them. He's camera shy.

I had wanted a yorkie for a LONG time (my mom used to breed them) but my dad always advised me to wait until I was done with law school. At the end of my second year of school, I was at my friends house when she mentioned that she thought her neighbor had yorkie pups. Sure enough, they did. I came home with Bailey that night :) It was literally right before all of my finals; I remember waking up to go to my Commercial Paper final to find out that Bailey had peed all over himself inside of his crate. I still got an A on the final :)

I am so glad to have my little guy. He is so sweet and brings so much joy to my life. I love to sing him songs, substituting his name for the actual lyrics ("if you like it then you should have put a Bails on it"). He is the pup of many names- Bailey, Bails, BB, Bailey Blu, Beedle, Buckets, Bucks, Mr. Bs, Bailface...

How about you? Do you have a pet? If so, are they like a member of your family?

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter my yoga/luna bar giveaway!


  1. Aww your pup is a cutie pie! I am not a pet owner at the moment. The bf is itching to get a Sharpei and I'm a little apprehensive about being a dog owner, but I know how lovable they can be. I think that dog ownership will be in my near future tho!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. No pets for us. Patrick really wants one, but at this point they're not allowed in our apt. anyway. Besides, I can't stand animal hair or cleaning up after them. I'm just too picky. But I do like other people's dogs because I can pet them and then give them back! :-)

  3. Sorry you're missing the ragnar. Hopefully you'll get to do it next year!

    Your pup is a cutie!

  4. He is too cute! I think pets are amazing and wonderful. We have a cat who will turn four this July. His name is Murphy, but he goes by: Mr. Murph, the Murphster, Murphy Man, Mummers, MooMoo, and Monster. :-)

  5. Your pup is adorable! I love that you sing him songs. I've only had one was a hamster. He bit me a lot...and escaped lol

    Ahh sorry about the IT band :/

  6. Aw! Happy Anniversary to you and Bailey! Bailey is so adorable!

    Hope your IT band feels better!

  7. Argh Bailey is so cute!

    Cracking up laughing at "If you like it then you should have put a bails on it!"

    So funny!!!