Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seeing Stars + Dinner with a Bestie

Good evening! First and foremost, Bailey would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve eve.

He NEVER sits for me like that when I take his picture. I always have to bribe him with a treat and even then he looks away at the last minute. He must really like the new treats I got him from Sloppy Kisses. They are the cutest, teeniest little *bacon* flavored gingerbread men.

Anyway- today's training day called for a two mile run plus strength training. The run was great. There weren't very many people on the track and I spent most of the first mile laughing to myself thinking of an earlier conversation with one of my co-workers. I love it when funny things happen that still have you laughing later in the day. Needless to say, the run went by quickly and smoothly. Speaking of quick, I swear every person on the track laps me like none other. Granted, running is only a sport against yourself, but are ten minute miles really that slow?

For strength training, I took my weekly Body Sculpt class. I LOVE THIS CLASS. Well, except for tonight. The instructor is really great- she changes up the class every three weeks and we are always utilizing different equipment while getting a total body workout. Basically it's like the shred on crack, kind of.

Today the instructor wanted to "kick it up a notch" and bring out the crazy stuff since she will have to tone the class down once the New Year's Resolutioners (totes just made up a word) start pouring in. At one point during the workout, she had us doing these arm workouts that started at a bicep curl, up to a shoulder raise, extend the arms upwards fully, back down to shoulder raise, forearms meet in the middle, back to start (sorry if that sounds confusing, just imagine an intense shoulder workout). I had the brilliant idea of grabbing ten pound weights which hey, seems pretty light. Yeah, with all of the reps, not so much. I literally started seeing spots/stars during the workout and thought I might faint. I had to actually stop and go grab a drink of water in order to not pass out. It was kind of disconcerting because I've eaten a ton today. It's not like my blood sugar was low. I have to admit, I felt a little down afterwards. That is, if I can't even get through a 2 mile run and then a body sculpt class without feeling super exerted, how am I supposed to get through a 14k? Oh well... I didn't quit, and that's what counts right?

After that lovely class (I still love it!), I met one of my besties, Kristin, at Panera. Kristin recently moved to PA so I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like. Sad face. It was fun to catch up in front of the fireplace.
I do feel bad that I wasn't more normal energetic self- the class seriously wiped me out.

Kristin and I closed the place out at 9:30 PM. Crazy party animals! A little different from when we used to close out the bars in Geneseo ;)

Tomorrow I'll be back with the rest of my favorites from 2009! Have a great evening!
Have you ever doubted yourself during training?


  1. Don't feel bad I can totally relate to seeing stars and thinking I might faint with 10 lb weights, especially with shoulders! Merry Christmas!

  2. Keep up the great work!!! Bailey is so precious. You are really inspiring me Katie to start my couch 5k!! Soon!! Love reading your articles everyday, keep them coming!!
    Love Ya Mom :)

  3. 10 lbs! Geez! It's actually alot for a sculpting class since you are doing so many reps and exercising so many muscles at once. When i did the body pump class at the Gold's in Latham, i always felt discouraged because everyone around me would have much more weight than me but i knew my limits and didnt want to push it too hard. Body pump kicked my ass! Sometimes i would have to stop on some of the exercises because my muscles were literally numb. And that was using 4 or 5lb. weights! To answer your question about doubting...i have been lately. It's probably the holiday drinks and foods that have me doubting myself. When i ran yesterday and had to stop after a mile, i was so disappointed in myself! It felt like it was the first week of running again. I was also wondering how not running for only 6 days could get me that out of tune. Its not like i hadnt run in a month. It was only 6 days! I am determined to run 2 miles today without stopping. You are much more motivated than me! I need a pep talk when you return! :-)