Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wedding (Planning) Stress

Good morning and happy new year's eve! 2009 was a great year but I am so excited for 2010! I will be posting my 2010 goals (not resolutions) soon.

Yesterday I met Bri and some of his co-workers for lunch at an Indian buffet. I'm not too sure how I feel about Indian food. It's okay but doesn't knock my socks off like Thai or Japanese food.

After lunch I went back to Bri's office for a bit while he finished up some work. I started reading Persuasion by Jane Austen. Good stuff! My training schedule called for a four mile run but by the time we got back it was already dark out. Enter: the headlamp!
Yes, that is a headlamp. Super hot, right? Truth be told it wasn't that bright. I think I needed to place it a little lower on my head. Bri brought along a flashlight so we were fine. When we first went outside we could see our breath. I remember saying "Who AM I? We are running outside, in the cold and dark, with a headlamp on my head!" I love it though.

The four miles were great (and another PDR! Every "long" run from here on out will be a PDR until the 14k), aside from a few pine cones that got in the way. It was chilly but I warmed up quickly with all of my gear. Also, how could I really complain that the temps were in the 30s with the frigid cold going on in upstate NY?

Bri and I are getting married in less than three months. Holy! I haven't really talked about wedding planning on here because timing wise, everything had fallen into a lull. I had heard that this is pretty common; once you get the big things out of the way, it doesn't really get crazy again until right before the wedding. Well, the other night I got to thinking about everything left that I had to do and couldn't fall asleep. It got to a point where I had to get up and write everything down so that I could ease my mind. Enter:

My midnight list of things that I need to do for the wedding. As I was writing things out, things just kept popping into my head. Ummm, I have a lot to do! Writing it out made me feel better, but I am a little overwhelmed.

For those of you that are planning/have planned a wedding, how were the last three months for you? I have all of the big things done- it's the little things that stress me out (pick out a cake topper? Contact the organist?)...eep!

For everyone- if you have a hard time falling asleep because your to-do list keeps running through your head, do you get up and write it down?

Have a great New Year's eve and don't forget to enter my Sigg Om water bottle giveaway!


  1. Oohh I love that you rocked the headlamp! I think running is the dark is super fun! It gives everything such a different perspective and it seems to go by faster for some reason.

    For me - I HAVE to write it down. Especially if it's on my mind and I am not sleeping because of it. Once I write it down I feel better. I seriously sleep with a pack of post-its by bed just for this reason.

    So exciting that your wedding is so soon!!! :)

  2. omg I always write a to-do list before I go to sleep (otherwise I can't sleep). It feels good to transfer your worries to a piece of paper and pick them back up in the morning.
    HOT headlamp ;)

  3. I had a love/hate relationship with wedding planning. In retrospect my only advice is to really enjoy all the stress and the lists and the business associated with being a bride. Once you're married life will settle down. This experience only happens once so enjoy it.

  4. Happy 2010!! Hope you had a nice night. I definitely had a lull in my wedding planning. Actually the last month before the wedding was really crazy for me - so sounds like you are ahead of the game by checking back in 3 months before. It will all come together in the end, but I definitely relied on a giant list to make it all happen. You must be soo excited that you're getting married this year!

  5. That sounds too familiar to me! I had many sleepless nights and had to wake up to write things down. The last month was very busy and packed with a lot of last minute things, including final dress fittings and deciding on the final details. I would say to just ask for help (it is so difficult for me to fo!) and try to enjoy it. It is an amazing time and you may even miss it some day!

  6. Yes, it gets crazy once you realize all you have to do. It's not big stuff, but LOTS of little things that add up. I couldnt sleep the last 2 months before the wedding. I was always laying up at night thinking about all i had to do. Best way to ease stress and get your "to do's" done is to do a few at a time. Pick a few small things on your list and figure out a day to get them done. If you stick to a few things to do, its less overwhelming and when you get them done, it feels great to check them off your list. I am here to help too!