Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Engagement Story

Happy Sunday everyone! It feels like a Saturday to me because I am one of the lucky ones with tomorrow off- Bailey is going to be happy! Do you have tomorrow off? I have a nice four miler planned. It's supposed to snow in the morning but get sunny in the afternoon so I'll hold off until then. Today was a rest day for me. My legs were pretty sore after the five miler yesterday so I foam rolled them into oblivion for a bit, then banged out 40 pushups and did some ab work.

I've been reading The Kind Diet and I have to say, it's very interesting. Definitely opening my eyes to a lot of things. I'll probably finish it within the week and will be sure to post a review! Also, I am absolutely loving the Juice Facial Moisturizer I purchased at Sephora yesterday. I can already tell a difference in my skin- it is so much softer- even moreso than it usually is after getting a facial. It's only been a day but I highly recommend!

I made my way to Broadway in Saratoga for my weekly pilgrimage to the coffee shop. For those of you are unfamiliar with Saratoga, it's a quaint main street in the city where people are always milling about, regardless of the weather. Today I saw a group of 14 year old girls standing on the corner dressed like they were going to a nightclub in Miami. Mind you, it was about 35* today. They started walking in front of me and I noticed one girl wearing a sheer top that fell to just under her waist, with black stockings and booty shorts. However, to my horror I realized that the booty shorts were not shorts but were the control top part of the stockings! wtf! This young girl was literally walking around outdoors with no pants on. I feel like I'm getting old but man, kids these days! It makes me frightened to have a daughter. Is it me, or are the younger girls growing up a little too quickly these days?

I thought I'd share with you the story of mine and Brian's engagement. We got engaged last February (February 15th, but whose counting) after dating for approximately a year and half. Bri and I were together for about a year before he left for boot camp in September 2008. From September 'til the following January, he was stationed in Rhode Island, first attending boot camp and then Naval Justice School. I made the trip over to RI a lot, and we talked about our future and getting married quite a bit. It may sound cheesy, but I knew he was the one from the start. I distinctly remember my friend (and maid of honor) Kelle asking me how I felt about him after we had been dating for around three months. Without hesitation I told her that I would marry him tomorrow if he asked. I had never felt that way about anyone, ever! I guess it's a good thing I roped him into marrying me ;)

After January, he got stationed in VB. I helped move him down there and then purchased a ticket to come over Valentine's Day weekend. My flight was supposed to leave on Thursday, but there were crazy wind delays. I was nervous to fly with the aid of his mother got a refund and began the drive down to VB. His mother lives in PA at the halfway point, so I drove to her place and left for VB the following morning.

That weekend, Bri left the house early to "go to work". Little did I know that the jeweler had messed up the ring setting and he was frantically trying to get it fixed. Bri actually wrote out our engagement story for our wedding website, so I'll let you read it from his point of view, with one caveat- I really would have taken a piece of string!

From Bri:
I knew I was going to propose to Katie from the moment she told me that I was going to. No, in reality, I knew it all along and wanted to make it special for Katie, even though she falsely stated that she would be happy with a "piece of string." It took me about 3 months to pick a ring and about a week to throw any shred of discipline out the window and propose to her. I had a lot of ideas about how to pop the question, but I ended up choosing on a February walk on our beach. I picked this proposal because Katie and my relationship has never been anything more than a true love of each other and an extravagant dinner where I would propose was not really appropriate.

So, the day came and it was a little chilly but the sun was shining. We walked and the whole time I figured she had me pegged and knew I was going to propose. I thought this because I had to get a new fitting on the ring at the last minute and I was in and out of the house with no explanation of where I was going. At one point during the walk, she even asked to put her hand in my jacket pocket, but like a gentleman, I told her NO because I did not want her finding the box. I may have even swatted at her hand. At that point, I knew that things were going downhill, so I could not wait until the end of the walk when I would propose. While we were still on the beach, I nervously searched to make sure we were alone and I got down on one knee and asked "Will you," holding the ring out for her to see. Katie, being the astute attorney, immediately asks, "Will I what??" which I had to clarify to be marriage. I could tell she was shocked and I think she said yes as she jumped up and down. Well, she accepted the ring and, to be sure, I later asked if it was a yes. Katie called a lot of people to tell the news, and I personally was relieved to know that she had a long drive back to New York happily engaged.
It was such a beautiful proposal- just he and I on the beach. I knew that he was asking me to marry him, I just wanted to hear the words from his mouth! Then I definitely started jumping up and down like a little kid. I regret not taking a picture on the beach after we got engaged. Bri very stealthily suggested that I take my camera and my phone "in case I wanted to call anyone" when we went on our walk. I wish I had taken a photo! I'll leave you with some of our engagement photos from our awesome photographer:

If you're married or engaged, how did your guy propose?

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Aww, cute. And I love your engagement pictures. My story is sort of long, but it's here if you want to read -

  2. aww that is so sweet! Thanks for sharing, and I LOOOVE those photos! You 2 look beautiful. We got engaged at a picnic table on our drive across the country to move to Canada together.

  3. Awwww! Thanks for sharing your engagement story!

    Okay, I TOTALLY agree with you about girls growing up so quickly. Even the freshman girls that I teach in my classes...I worry about them! They roll into class wearing belts as skirts!

    My hub surprised me in his backyard...he'd set up a table with rose petals and candles lit everywhere! He wanted to use our dog, but he said that he couldn't trust her not to run off with ring :-)

  4. Good morning Katie,
    I am a total sucker for anything romantic, and I must say that I think you have a keeper!! Ahh, to be young and in love!!! My eyes started to tear up a bit reading your story!!

    Great pictures, you are a very attractive couple:)

    Thanks for sharing Katie!

  5. LOVE this story! In my opinion, the simple and more true to the couple, the better :) And what beautiful pictures!

  6. That is such a sweet story! I love the pictures.

  7. What a sweet, sweet, sweet story! I loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That's a beautiful story. My husband and I were hiking and we always hike around sunrise or sunset so he can get some pictures. So We got to the top and we were waiting for the sunset... he set up his camera... and like he always does asked me to stand in a spot to make sure he has go the lighting right.. and did some practice shots.. then he went on one knee going through his camera bag so I thought he is changing lenses and that's when he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him... right as the sun was setting :)

  9. What a sweet story- total goosebumps from reading it! I love your engagement pics- so sweet!

    My hubby and I went on a trip to Eastern Europe, where we are both from. He proposed to me in St. Petersburg on a bridge. I looked like a spaz and had jet lag but it was the most amazing moment of my life. We spent the rest of the day in a daze walking through the city!

  10. Such a great and romantic story!! Very nice. And to your other point - yes, I totally agree that young girls are growing up waaay too fast and it scares me if I ever have a girl.

    We got engage while on vacation and I didn't believe him at first. Then we went for a celebratory dinner and I got food poisoning and couldn't leave our hotel room for 2 days! How romantic. HA!

  11. Hey honey - check out my story on my blog - filed under "our engagement"