Saturday, January 16, 2010

My First Five, a Facial and a Purple Monster!

Evening bloggies! I hope that your weekend is going well. I've had a fantastic day. Last night I went to sleep nervous about my five miler in the morning, mainly because I wasn't sure if my IT band was going to let me run the whole five. This morning I woke up to a balmy 39 degrees! My achilles tendon/calf area was feeling sore from my 2 mile run and strength training last night, so I made the executive decision to wear my zensah sleeves underneath my running tights. I'm so glad I did- my legs felt amazing!

I wore the tights and zensah sleeves with my nike tempo shorts (keeps the bum warm), cold gear top, northface shell, gloves and underarmour headband. It was perfect for the 39* weather.

I'm happy to say that I was able to run the entire five miles without having to stop and stretch my IT band! Yippee! The run itself was fairly decent- not my best and not my worst. I felt kind of tired and was battling wind (although the wind was not nearly as ferocious as the wind bri and I ran against in VB). I finished the run in about 53 minutes. I think the key to my knee not bothering me is my foam roller. I foam rolled last night and again this morning before the run. It always hurts like a beotch but I'll take it if it allows me to run!

Five miler down- 14k here I come!

After the run I came home to shower quickly and made some oatmeal to take on the road. It's tricky to eat oatmeal while also attentively driving, but it can be done. I got a facial at my favoritest spa ever, which was ah-may-zing. I want my skin to look great on the wedding day so I have been getting facials once a month for the past few months. Have you ever gotten a facial?

I then zipped over to the mall to spend some of the gift cards I had acquired for Christmas. I looked at Victoria's for some bathing suit coverups but they had nada. I did some major damage at Sephora though. I picked up some Juice Beauty Facial moisturizer that I had been eyeing, as well as new eyeliner, eyeshadow, nail polish and lipstick. Normally I have huge issues with lipstick- whenever I put it on it looks like I am wearing lipliner (even though I'm not- it's awful!). However, I found this sheer, pinky color that Sephora makes that I think will work on me! Do you like Sephora? I always have to laugh when I walk into the store because there is always some guy outside the door waiting impatiently for his significant other.

When I got home, I decided it was time I had a green monster. Linz talked about her purple monster the other day, and I thought it looked really good! Enter: The goods. 2 cups spinach, 1 banana, half a container of plain greek yogurt (added protein kick), half a cup of milk, handful of blueberries, squirt of agave nectar and ice.

About to be blended:
The final result:

A purple monster! It was really good. Have you ever had a green monster?

Now I'm about to dive into the book I purchased today: source

I saw this at the bookstore and, as I had seen it throughout the blogworld, it piqued my interest. I started reading through the first chapter and it seems like it will be really interesting. I have no desire to go vegan, but I am toying with the idea of a flexitarian diet. Once I finish the book I'll be sure to review it.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oo that purple monster looks amazing. I don't want to be vegan either, but I think the book sounds interesting anyway. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it.

  2. Hey! I bought that book a few weeks ago, and have really enjoyed reading it. Some of it is a little too "hard core" health nut for me, but a lot of it makes good sense. I'll be interested to see what you think about it.

    Ryan refuses to set foot in, I guess I don't blame him that much :-)

    Sounds like you had a great run today!

  3. Great job on the run!

    That purple monster does look good. I make a green one from time to time, but my blender kind of sucks so I end up getting chunks of spinach in it. Not so great.

  4. What?!?!? A purple monster. I can't wait to try it out. I am going to have to get some blueberries tomorrow!

  5. Hi Katie,
    Good job on your five miler!!

    Yes, I love facials!! God bless them! I have a facial once a month, and I love what they do for my skin. I got a really bad sunburn on my face when I was 25 years old. Needless to say, I have some minimal sun damage and I hate it. Facials help to rejuenate and freshen up my skin. You are much younger than me my dear, but starting to get facials earlier will help keeping that younger looking skin that is desired by most of us:)

  6. I love monsters of all colors...but green is definitely my fave. Can't go wrong with fresh spinach!!

  7. I'm all about the monsters, have you tried Amazing Grass? I add that to my morning smoothies, along with chia seeds.

    I'm very curious about Alicia's book myself!

    Nice job getting your run in!

  8. Way to go on your 5 miles! I drink green monsters several times a week, and I love them! Usually they don't turn out green though. They're often a kind of gross looking brown color...

  9. Facials are the best! The purple monster looks good. Sephora is awesome and at the same time dangerous for me. They opened one in the mall 2 seconds from my house, and I love it. Can't wait to hear what you think about the book. Happy Sunday!

  10. big fan of the green monsters, though they do often come out in odd shades base on what I choose to add!

  11. Way to go on the five miles -- I've never run more than four without stopping! :) The purple monster looks delicious ... will have to give it a whirl.

    Sounds like an excellent weekend. I wish I lived near a Sephora!

  12. I've only had a facial once and I absolutely loved it. Those could be addicting! As for the Green Monster - I have yet to try one.

  13. I've had a handful of facials and LOVE them. I feel like my skin looks so refreshed afterward, and acts differently for the next few days.

    And I have an obsession with Sephora. I got a gift card for Christmas that is burning a hole in my pocket right now, but I'm trying to save it for something I really want/need.

    I've had numerous green monsters, but not a purple one! That, I have GOT to try :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And congrats on your run!

  14. I did the same thing before my wedding... the last 6 months I got a facial once a month and the last one schedule a week before my wedding... my skin looked really good... I haven't gotten one since my wedding... I can definitely use a massage and facial

  15. Hi Katie,
    Your mom left me the sweetest comment and I would like to thank her. Tell her that she will do great at her first 5k! When I started running it was a combo walk/jog/run. The more she runs the stronger and faster she will get! I am pretty sure that she will surprise herself and do much better than what she thinks!! I have faith in her!! Go Nicole!!