Sunday, January 24, 2010

Six Miles!

Happy (or unhappy) end of the weekend blogfriends! This weekend seriously flew by. I wanted to thank everyone for your input regarding what incline you keep the treadmill on while running. I generally keep it at 1% myself, but it felt super hilly on the treadmill I was on so I dropped it down to .5%. Or it could be that I hate running hills (of any sort) ;) I did go to UB Law school- I love Buffalo! It's a great city- fun sports teams, active nightlife, and it's right next to Niagara-on-the-Lake (awesome wine tasting), among other things. There is such a sense of community and pride. Plus, there are numerous Tim Horton's and Wegmans! The only downside is the economic downturn the city is facing.
Bri arrived super late on Friday evening, because he got tied up purchasing our new truck! He traded in the 'stang and we are now the proud owners of a 2010 Toyota Tacoma truck. Sweet! It drives just like my 4runner (Faith, I miss her) used to. I promptly named the truck Taylor, although I think Tristan may be more appropriate. Bri looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him what name he liked better for the truck. Cars need names! My current car is Cameron the Camry. I like alliteration. Do you name your vehicle?
Yesterday started bright and early, as we had to be at pre-cana for registration at 8:30. The whole day wasn't actually that bad; it was sort of odd at times and I got frustrated with some of the chauvinistic aspects, but overall it was fun to discuss issues with Bri. We went to this great coffee shop for lunch during the break and encountered one of the biggest DB college students I've ever come across. The dude was seriously dropping (make that screaming) F-bombs left and right. Mind you, there were adults and children around. Clueless!
The great thing about pre-cana was that they let us leave at 3 PM! This meant that we would be able to get my long run in before dark. I was so relieved over this because I originally thought I would have to complete it today which, technically, is the start of a new week. Maybe I'm anal but I wanted to get my miles in for the week!
We arrived home and dressed for the weather. Or, I should say, I dressed for the weather. Poor Bri must think he is running in VB, as he only packed shorts and zensah tights for his calves. His legs were numb by the end of the run!
We started the run in Saratoga Park. It was beautiful but so cold! We ran through the park and into downtown Saratoga, circled around our wedding venue :) and continued uphill. At this point (probably 2.5 miles in) I really had to pee. There were tons of places (gas stations) to stop in, but Bri told me it couldn't count as a long run if I stopped because it would be too long of a stop. He's hardcore! So I tried to forget about it and eventually it went away!
About 4 miles in we each took a serving of these bad boys:
Gu Chomps in the cranberry apple flavor! They were hard to get out of the bag with my gloves on, so Bri took one for the team and took off his gloves to dispense them. One serving of four chomps has 90 calories, or 22.5 per chew. These things were awesome! I don't think I necessarily needed them for a six mile run but I have to say, they perked me up! It was nice to look forward to something to break up the run, and the flavor was delicious. They are super easy to chew- I definitely recommend them for any long runs that you may have coming up!
We finished the last of the six miles strong. Bri had never run over five miles either so we PDR'd together! Running with someone (especially Bri) always makes the run go by much more quickly for me! Do you prefer to run alone or with someone? For me, it generally depends on my mood. I enjoy solo runs and running with a partner too!
After the run we decided to go to a nice dinner at Chianti, my favorite restaurant. However, we got there and the place was bumping! An hour and a half wait for two people. Yeah, we were about ready to chew our arms off so that wasn't happening. We strolled over to Grey Gelding Restaurant, and they were able to seat us right away.
It was an amazing dinner! We shared a bottle of delicious pinot noir from Chile. Bri got the filet in an island type dressing (jalepeno and coffee) which was so good! I got a cheesy pasta/asparagus dish. So fun!
All in all it was a fantastic whirlwind of a weekend and I was sad to see Bri leave today. The next time I see him will be our engagement anniversary/valentine's day/Virginia is for Lovers 14k weekend! How was your weekend?
Have a great evening! :)


  1. I named my car Mollie. Then her name changed to Ollie after I experienced living with a horrible roommate who shared her name.

    I am not really a fan of running with others. Sometimes I run with Stephen though.

    Way to go on your 6 miles! You've got your race in the bag!

  2. My car's name is Henry Honda Civic. You have to say his full name though, it's not just Henry.

    I don't like to talk when I run. So if my partner doesn't mind that, then I don't mind running with other people.

    Good job on your PDR!

  3. Congrats on the 6 miles! I've actually never ran with someone so I don't know if I'd prefer it or not. I need a marathon-training buddy!

  4. Congrats on the 6 miler! 6 miles is definitely my PR too. Oh and thanks for sharing the gu chomps review. I haven't tried those yet. Glad to hear they did their job.

    And running with people is TOTALLY my thing. I would much rather run with a partner. The only exception is when I am trying to PR time in a race. Then I just want to be able to run without worry.

    That is awesome that you and Bri run together! :)

  5. Congrats on the long run!! That's awesome. I love Chianti - I've only been there once for my bachelorette party, but it was super cute. I had a great weekend and it looks like you did as well! Wish it wasn't over already.

  6. I'm like you-- I kind of like to mix it up with the running partner issue. Sometimes I like having someone there to keep me company, but more often that not I prefer to run alone so that I can just zone out and be alone with my thoughts...and occasionally sing to myself :-)

  7. Hi Katie,
    I have never had the Gu Chomps before and I will need to try them. It is so sweet that you can run with your lover man! I have never gone out on a run with a running partner...I think it would be nice. Glad to hear that your weekend went well:) Take care!

  8. I prefer running with someone. The time goes by faster and you feel motivated by the other person. I need a new car name! I was going to name her "pearl" since she is white but i like the play-on-words. Maybe Molly the Murano or Mindy? Give me some ideas!

  9. I would rather run with someone else. I get worried when I am alone.