Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Love My Spibelt!

Hi bloggies! I feel like I've been gone forever and it's only been a few days. I missed reading and commenting on your blogs! I finished up my last seminar for the week today. Tomorrow is Friday and then it's a three day weekend! :) I am very excited to relax and just be.

I had a nice time in Long Island (aside from a sketchy incident at the hotel that I won't get into). There was pretty much no traffic getting there, so I arrived at 4:30- just enough daylight left to get in my 3.5 mile run! It was actually ten degrees warmer in Long Island, so I only wore my running tights, cold gear top, lululemon jacket and hat and gloves. In hindsight, I probably should have worn my fleece pants too, as it was pretty windy.

I was also excited to give my spibelt a go! I've been looking for some sort of storage mechanism to take on my runs that would hold my phone and keys without being bulky and annoying. I had read about spibelts throughout blogland so when I saw them at the local running store in Virginia Beach I knew I had to pick it up. Gear junkie for sure.

I purchased a pink and black plaid pattern- isn't it cute? So it looks very thin and small. I placed my cell phone, debit card and room key inside, and they all fit very comfortably.

With all of the items inside:

I placed in on the side of my hip and made sure the belt was very tight.

I have to admit that I was skeptical of spibelt's claims. I figured that there was no way I wouldn't be able to tell this pack was sitting on my hip. Well, now I am a believer! I seriously forget that I was even wearing it during my run. It did not shift at ALL. I love this thing! If you are in the market for something of this nature, I definitely recommend giving spibelt a try.

The run itself was beautiful, aside from my IT band acting up around 2.5 miles. I stopped and stretched and was fine, but it still gives me pause for concern. I hope I can continue my training for the 14k! I banged out 3 miles today without an issue, so I guess the telling factor will be my 5 miler on Saturday.

I planned my run strategically so that I would finish in front of the local starbucks. There, I got a "calm" tea and a fruit and cheese plate, which rocked my socks.

Yum! It was my pre-dinner dinner, as I later met Nicole at Novita, an awesome Italian restaurant near her. I didn't take any pictures but trust me when I say amazing lobster pasta was consumed.

When I got home today I decided to see how many energy gels I could fit in the spibelt. I have quite a few of them in my stocking from Bri at Christmas. I'm not running enough miles to warrant using them yet, but I'll get there.
So, I started with 4 gus and a pack of gu chomps:
and they all fit!

The only downside is that there is a slight tear in it already (boo). I don't know if you can see it- it's to the left of the stitching in the middle.
On another note, Suzy from Running on My Time tagged me to list ten things that make me happy right now. They are:
  1. My lavender chamomile aromatherapy candle
  2. My I love running water bottle
  3. Red wine (currently drinking pinot noir)
  4. The fact that my pup only had an ear infection and not something more serious
  5. My presentation yesterday was my best one yet
  6. I get to see Bri next Friday!
  7. My upcoming three day weekend
  8. Reading blogs!
  9. My three mile run today, despite the fact that it was bring your family to the track and walk in the running lane day
  10. The Naked Green Machine drink

Thanks for the tag, Suzy!

I'm off to go catch up on my blogreading and foam roll into oblivion. Happy almost weekend everyone, I missed you!


  1. Glad you're back! That spibelt looks great! I really might want to get one of those. I've seen that Starbucks fruit and cheese plate around the blogosphere lately. I'm jealous because we do not have those at SC Starbucks!

  2. Great post! That spibelt looks like it would be good for so many uses. Calm tea is so good. Great idea ending your run with one of those, and yay about the presentation :-) I hope you have a fantastic 3 day weekend!

  3. I bought one of those for my half marathon. I've only used it a handful of times since - not sure why bc its awesome. Unfortunately, I am a bit lumpy so it doesnt look as pretty on my hips :)

  4. Love that spibelt! So girly! Good luck on your run on Saturday :-)

  5. I LOVE my SPIbelt. I agree that you can barely feel it when running. Oohh and I was definitely eyeing that fruit & cheese plate. Apparently your starbucks is way cooler than mine. I have never seen that offered before.
    Anyways, glad you are back in blogging action!! :)

  6. Hi Katie,
    The spibelt is very cute. You honestly didn't feel it moving when you were running? I need to find something to keep my fuel for my half marathons. Do you have any stomach issues when you take the fuel? The few times that I have taken the gels I end up feeling ill. I don't know maybe I just have a super sensitive stomach. By the way, that picture of you makes you look so flipping tiny girl:) I am so glad that you are back Katie!

  7. Missed you too!! Love reading your blogs. Love your spibelt. Have a beautiful long weekend. Glad you rocked your presentations :)
    I knew you would.

  8. Welcome back!! Sounds like a good trip despite the weird incident (whatever it was) at the hotel. And good for you for running while traveling. Your spibelt is super cute. I should look into buying once since I always have to carry my keys in my hand.

    Congrats on the great presentation and that the pup only has an ear infection - thank goodness!

  9. Love your 10 things!!! It is always good to remember what makes us happy. While the spibelt is cool..I really love that you planned your run so you finished in front of a Starbucks!

  10. I have the black/polka dot spibelt and I love it too!! I bought my sis the same one you have for Christmas. AND I have the same cell phone as you ;)

  11. I think I need one of those. I have a handheld water bottle that has a little pocket that I fit Gu in, but it's really not big enough.

  12. I absolutely love the pink and black plaid spi belt. If my knee ever lets me run again I am definitely going to get one!

  13. Your spibelt is so cute :)
    This is actually the first I've heard of them. Do you think it would fit/hold a water bottle?

  14. That spibelt is super cute - I have a boring black one so that my boys can use it hiking :(. I love how much stuff they can hold ... but they don't fit a water bottle so find that I don't use it as often as I would like. I love your #10 list, too. Happy weekend!

  15. I love the design of the spibelt! I'm still in total awe of people who run miles and miles, and miles! It's awesome that you can fit all your tools in it AND the Starbucks stop can't hurt!

  16. cool spibelt.

    Im testing out a Nathans hydration belt on our 10 miler tomorrow. Its my first time to run in one, hope it goes well.