Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Chilly 4.5 and Bridesmaid Dresses!

Happy Saturday evening everyone! My Saturday has been surprisingly productive. Earlier this morning I met with Christina, my matron of honor, for coffee and breakfast. I ordered my caramel brulee latte at Starbucks and the barista looked at me strangely and said "they'll be back next Christmas." Dude, if that's the case, why does the sign still say enjoy our holiday lattes?! Grr. I settled on a caramel macchiato, but not without pouting.

After grabbing coffee we headed to Bruegger's Bagels for brekkie. I got one of my favorite indulgences: the cinnamon sugar bagel with maple cream cheese. Heaven in bagel form.

It was so bright in there that Christina had to rock her shades indoors, celeb style:
Isn't she cute?

We then went to pick up her bridesmaid dress! Can I just say that the prom dresses out this season are fugtastic? Holy bedazzling batman. Yick.
Back in my early days of blogging I wrote about how I was torn on my color scheme. I had originally settled on navy dresses with dark pink flowers as an accent color. This got thrown to the wind after seeing this champagne and light pink scheme on the knot. I am so glad I changed the colors; the dresses are fabulous!

The official color of the dress is "latte".

Excuse the wrinkles dress, the lovely (dripping with sarcasm here) dress shop takes really good care of the dresses. They have a sweetheart neckline and an almost trumpet-like skirt on the bottom.

I love the ruching on the dress!

What are your thoughts on the dress? If you are married, what was your color scheme? If not, do you already (secretly) have one picked out?

While I was at the 'bucks I noticed a new Kind bar at the register and, being a bar sucker, clearly purchased it. I have to say that I am a huge fan of Kind bars. They have a short ingredient list and are generally very delicious. Today's purchase (mango macadamia) was no exception! You can't really go wrong with mangoes and macadamia nuts. I could eat an entire jar of macadamia nuts if left to my own devices.

So fruity and delicious! I fueled up on half of the bar before my 4.5 mile run. Yesterday the temperature was predicted to be 0, so I was going to do it at the gym. However, today was practically a heat wave- 20 degrees and sunny! I put on all of my winter gear and got to it. The first few miles felt amazing, which I was happy about. I ran three on the track at the gym yesterday and my legs felt like lead. I did encounter some technical difficulties on today's run at first because I pushed the lap button on the garmin (hereinafter garmie) instead of the start stop. Oops. I went back and ran the distance so I could know what I had covered.
I encountered some issues with my knee about 2.5 miles into the run. In the past my IT band has acted up so I was fairly concerned, but it was only a minor twinging and I was able to continue running after a few stretching stops. Yippee! I then came home and foam rolled my IT bands into oblivion. Hurts so good.
The only thing left on tap for this weekend is to prep for my upcoming seminars next week. Eek! I've done them before but I like to have my presentation absolutely memorized, which is difficult when it's 2.5 hours.
Anyone else run in the artic temps today? Any fun plans for the rest of the weekend?
Have a great night!


  1. Hi Katie,
    I love that dress! Great pick! As I was checking out my favorite blogs I noticed that I have another attorney friend. Her name is Heather and her blog is called Junk Miles. You might want to check her may have a few things in common! Tell her I sent you:) She is very nice and will like her. I hope the rest of your weekend is fab! I probably will not have a new post until Sunday evening.

  2. That dress is really nice. I don't even know what my wedding colors are. My bridesmaid dresses are called Spiced Wine (from J. Crew).

    I don't know if I've ever had a Kind bar. I'll keep my eye out for them. Mango sounds yummy.

  3. I love, love, love the bridesmaid dresses. I like both the design and the color.

    No running for me until the temps rise above freezing...

  4. Beatiful dress! Very classy! Your colors sound similar to my sisters'...our dresses were "champagne and salmon"...they were really pretty, especially in the pictures!

    My bridesmaids wore dresses from J.Crew...they were short and pale, pale pink (I think it was called "shell"). Worked very well with our beach wedding!

  5. Omg, the cinnamon/maple combo of that bagel sounds amaaazing. Have you tried the toffee nut latte at Starbucks before? I found the caramel brulee tasted pretty similar to it. Or maybe you could get a caramel-toffee nut to keep that caramel-y goodness in there ;)

    I just heard of those Kind bars! Was it the high protein kind? I'll have to look for that flavour here.

    LOVE the style of that dress. It will flatter and give shape to any body type :)

  6. Congrats on the run! I braved the arctic temps as well. I think im (gulp) getting used to it?
    That dress is gorgeous! I've seen so many fugly bridesmaids dresses but yours is so cute! I love the details on the front :)

  7. The dress is so pretty!

    I ran today, too. Jeez, it was cold. Just cold and windy -- yuck!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  8. Love, love, love, LOVE that dress! Your MOH looks fabulous in it, too. Are they all wearing that style or do they get to pick? They can definitely wear those again.

  9. The dress is so pretty! It is a very flattering fit as well. Best of luck with all the wedding details.

  10. Beautiful dress. Christina looks beautiful in it!!!! Love the color, of course. Also love your blog colors. It fits you!! Love ya Mom.

  11. That dress is so pretty! And yes, it looks very flattering. I love ruching. It sounds like your color scheme will look beautiful! Can't wait to see pics after the big day - it's coming soon... :-)

    Glad you made it out for a run yesterday despite the cold temps. I just ordered a foam roller and am very excited to start using it.

  12. hey girl! Just found your site. Love it. I actually just got married this past may. We used a brown and blue color scheme and burnt orange as accent colors. Turned out nice. I absolutely love that dress. Gorgeous. I really love how flattering it is. Its such a good cut.
    Good luck on all your fun planning!! Its goes so fast I'll tell ya! But its a blast! Today its actually like 75 degrees out so I might go for a bike ride. haha. Enjoy your day!!!

  13. I love the dress! That is beautiful!

  14. Hi! I just saw you are on Felice's upstate list and thought I'd stop and say hi! Love the dress too.

  15. That dress is the same color I had for my bridesmaids! It's beautiful!

    I saw your blog on the Happy Runner list, and thought I'd drop by...

  16. Last summer I was in my brothers wedding and the color of the dresses were latte. At first I didnt like it but after I saw the dress and had it on I realized it was a beautiful color! The dress you picked is gorgeous!

    I ran @ the gym yesterday but I was out in the cold today. Brrrrrrr...How many days until spring?!