Friday, January 22, 2010

Missing In Action!

Hi blog friends! I've missed you! I was all set to write a post last night but my exhaustion got in the way. Then, I figured I would write one when I got a second at work today. Well, being out of the office conducting seminars all week= a million bajillion emails and calls to get back to. By the time I left the office today I still had 11 emails to respond to (that can wait until Monday :) ) It was fun to read all of your comments on the issues you incur while running-I'm glad I'm not alone!

All of my seminars are done, yippee! No more public speaking engagements until our June meeting (which occurs in May, strangely). I think I am doing well with my goals; I definitely feel much more comfortable in front of an audience.

My travels took me to the city of my law school alma mater, Buffalo. I was very excited to attend one of my favorite sushi places, which apparently closed down. Dang, I only graduated 2.5 years ago! But, no matter, I was still able to go to Tim Horton's. I woke up extra early to get some coffee and a delicious breakfast sandwich before the seminar. I documented my excitement:

Right before I ordered. Can you see the excitement in my eyes? It's almost kind of sad. And holy closeup batman.

Hello, lover:

Yes, that is a starbucks cup in the background and no, I'm not cheating on Timmy Hos. I had a calm tea the night before ;)
After my seminar in Buffalo, I hightailed it to Syracuse for the next seminar, checked in to the hotel and changed into my workout gear:

I had two miles and a strength workout planned. Wow, treadmills suck. I got it done but I didn't like it! Question for the treadmillers- do you put the treadmill on an incline at all to mimic the outdoors?
After the workout. Yellow totally matches pink, didntyaknow?

After the 'mill I incorporated some of Fitnessista's Winter Shape Up challenge moves into my workout. Loves the renegade rows! This was followed by dinner at Dinosaur bbq- if you're from upstate you know what I'm talking about! I had fried green tomatoes for the first time- wow!
I left Syracuse yesterday around 1PM, tired and exhausted. I got home around 3:3o and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run. But, I made myself put in my four miles- I have a 14k to get ready for! At this point I truly feel like a runner; before, if I was tired I would have just rested! The run was fantastic. My iTouch was dead so it was just me and the pavement (and garmie). It was nice!
Bri is coming tonight (yay) and we get to attend pre cana tomorrow. joyous! Apparently we even get to watch a video on the joys of natural family planning. Why am I not eloping and getting married on a beach again? I apologize for the disjointed nature of this post; it's been a long, stressful day! I'll be back on Sunday with my long run (six mile) recap and various other adventures!
Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


  1. My mom went to undergrad at Buffalo!

    I always leave the treadmill at a 0 incline. I know that you're supposed to put at it at least a 1, but I never do and it's never hindered me.

    Enjoy your 6 mile run.

  2. I usually put my incline at 1 to start with, and move it steadily up and down over the course of my run. But sometimes I just keep it at zero :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. WB! I haven't run on a 0% incline in years. I usually use 1-2% for basic runs, but will go up from there if I want to work harder and simulate hills.

  4. I put mine on a 1 incline the first time I went on the treadmill, but I had to move it back to 0. The treadmill about kills me without any, so I just avoid it as much as possible !!

  5. Congrats for being done with your seminars. I'm taking a public speaking class this semester and I'm seriously dreading it.
    I always put the treadmill on an incline. It's usually between 1-2, to get my <3 rate a little higher!

  6. So I am guessing that you went to UB. I went to college in Buffalo too except I went to Canisius. Great college city.

  7. I usually just put the treadmill on 1.0. Unless I'm specifically doing a hill workout, then I'll jack up the incline. If I do this, my pace definitely decreases!

  8. I am terrified of public speaking! Any tricks to being less nervous? Just a baby shower left in my weekend - where did the time go?! This weekend was far too short.

  9. loove dinosaur fave is the drunken spicy shrimp!

  10. Hi Katie,
    I love your glasses...they make you look very intelligent and sophisticated! Good job at getting those workouts in! I am glad that your seminars went well! Take care Katie:)

  11. Welcome back - I was kind of MIA this weekend. How was pre-cana? I remember those days. Very interesting. And yes, that video was atrocious. We also had speakers for that section. EEK!

    My weekend plans were basically centered around the half marathon today. So glad it's done!

  12. I had to take a couple days off from blogging myself.. I felt like I was behind in everything else in my life.

    We did a 37 mile bike ride which was GREAT and spend the day today driving around Houston and looking for fun spots to take pictures. We are shooting a wedding in Austin in December and bride is planning on doing her bridal portraits here in Houston.. it will be fun and I will definitely post the pics that we take and a like to my husbands photography site.